Linda Phillips

Bachelor of Science (Psychology). Grad Dip Psychology. Master of Psychology (Clinical).

Master of Child & Adolescent Welfare. Voc Grad Dip Counselling. Introduction to Psychoanalysis.

Linda Phillips

Linda is a highly trained and thoughtful, fully registered clinical psychologist who works with individual adults.

She has extensive training in psychological interventions such as psychodynamic psychotherapy, mindfulness-based therapies, emotion focused therapy and client-centred approaches.

Linda has over 15 years experience working in a variety of roles (eg. as a counsellor, case manager & psychologist). She has worked with a broad spectrum of complex difficulties and in a range of settings.

Central to Linda's approach is the attitude of deep respect and understanding for the individual, a focus on the mind and not behaviour and a collaborative working relationship. The work is informed by the principles of mindfulness, psychodynamic theory and the latest neuroscience.

Mindfulness-based approaches

  • An aim of both mindful and psychodynamic approaches is to non-judgmentally increase awareness of the ways in which the mind habitually turns away from pain (avoids/ resists/ fights against it).

  • Both mindful and psychodynamic approaches aim to provide the conditions in which to work through difficult emotions. This experience can build an inner confidence in one’s ability to cope with all internal states.

  • An increased capacity to work through inner states is thought to free up mental space which was once consumed by resisting or fighting against pain.

Latest Neuroscience

  • Neuroscientific findings indicate that the experience of working through difficult emotions (approaching rather than avoiding) with a reliable, consistent, understanding and respectful therapist can create new neural pathways.

  • Greater understanding of the brain and how it responds to it’s environment has shifted the focus away from specific techniques and behavioural strategies. There is now more focus on the particular conditions that increase the likelihood of the creation of new neural pathways.

  • The latest neural research therefore supports the long-held idea that the therapeutic alliance is crucial in providing the right conditions for change.


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